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Premium Boutique Guitar Effects
High quality, hand tested components for optimal range & performance, built in the USA.
Our standard is to make effects that sound better than anything you've heard before.
Your effects pedal should inspire you to create amazing music. The solution, Bardel Pedals.

Stage 3 Booster Demo - Video and Audio
SuperDrive 70's Demo - Video and Audio

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  • "I am an electronics engineer with a degree from Cal Tech, with a hi-end speaker company called Von Schweikert Audio ( Recently, during the buildup of a cu..."
    Albert Von Schweikert
    Try one and your guitar & amp just went to a different level.
  • "I have been a customer of Barry's for a long time now. His work continues to impress and his creativity knows no limits. His circuit designs inspire creativity both in pedal b..."
    Braden Blakley
    Longtime Customer.

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